California Vicinity RenFaire List for 2000

OK, sorry, the list update was late this year. It seems *I'm* not entirely Y2K compliant. ;-) But I've finally worked out the bugs, and therefore, here is my list of California Ren Faires. As usual, the ones I currently truly intend to attend myself have been bolded. No apologies for the SoCal priority listing or the order of the concurrent event listings... I live in SoCal, and this is *my* list, primarily for my own reference. :-P

Also, as with last year's list, I have included several out-of-state Faires on this supposedly California-based list, because I plan to attempt to attend each of these at least once, and I have no idea when yet, so it helps me to have them on the list. As I said, this is a list I first made for my personal reference, and then I got generous and decided to share with y'all. :-)

In any case, do me a flavor, and if you note that some dates have changed, please drop me a line. Sometimes people forget to let me know, and if it's not one I'm directly involved with, sometimes I'm not made aware of the new info before the faire itself. I hate when that happens.

<Begin Webmaster's Privilege> Another flavor? I'm currently living in the Encino (SoCal) area. If anyone is planning to commute from the SoCal area to any of the NoCal (or out of state!) Faires, let me know if you are interested in carpooling! I attend a lot of these dang things, and the gas costs are mounting! <End Webmaster's Privilege> On with the list, McDuff!

2000 List of California Renaissance Faires

February 5 - March 26, 2000: Arizona Renaissance Festival (Phoenix)

February 5-6 Arizona Renaissance Festival (Phoenix) (opening weekend)
February 19-20 Arizona Renaissance Festival (Phoenix) (AFR Invasion Date)

March 4-5 Fresno City College Renaissance Fair (First California Faire of the season)

March 11-12 No events scheduled

March 17-19 Calavares Celtic Faire

March 24-26 Crossroads Renaissance Festival of Palm Springs

April 1-2 Ojai Shakespearean Renaissance Faire

April 8-9 No events scheduled (RPFS Registration: April 8?)
April 15-16 No events scheduled (RPFS workshops?)
April 22-23 No events scheduled (RPFS workshops?)

April 29-30 Crossroads Annual European Renaissance Festival (Opening Weekend)
and Tulare County Renaissance Festival in Visalia (and RPFS workshops/dress rehearsal?)

May 6-7 RPFS: Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California (Opening Weekend)
and Crossroads Annual European Renaissance Festival
and Central Valley Renaissance Festival - Sonora (formerly Modesto)

May 13-14 RPFS
and Crossroads Annual European Renaissance Festival

May 20-21 RPFS
and Crossroads Annual European Renaissance Festival
and Dragonvale Festivale and Carnivale in Northridge
and Willits Celtic Renaissance Faire

May 27-29 RPFS (3 Day Weekend)
and Crossroads Annual European Renaissance Festival (Closing Weekend)
and Northwoods Renaissance Faire in Redding

June 3-4 RPFS
and Valhalla Renaissance Festival

June 10-11 RPFS
and Valhalla Renaissance Festival

June 17-18 RPFS

June 10 - July 30 Colorado Renaissance Festival

June 24 - August 20 Bristol Renaissance Faire

June 24-25 RPFS(Closing weekend)
Faire Oaks Tudor Fayre
and GSLC Renaissance Faire

July 1-2 No events scheduled

July 8-9 No events scheduled

July 15-16 Central Coast Renaissance Festival (SLO)

July 22-23 No events scheduled

July 29-July 30 Colorado Renaissance Festival

August 5-6 No events scheduled

August 12-13 Santa Barbara Renaissance Faire
and Pittsburg Scottish Renaissance Festival

August 19-20 Santa Barbara Renaissance Faire

August 26-October 1 Hawkwood Medieval Fantasy Faire

August 26-October 22 Maryland Renaissance Festival

August 26-27 Long Beach Renaissance Arts Festival

September 2-4 RPFN: Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Northern California (Opening and three-day weekend)

September 9-10 RPFN

September 16-17 RPFN

September 23-24 RPFN
and Lake Casitas Pirate Faire

September 30-October 1 Hanford CA, Renaissance of Kings Cultural Arts Faire
and RPFN

October 7-8 RPFN

October 14-15 RPFN (final weekend)
and Age of Chivalry (Las Vegas, NV)

October 21-22 No events scheduled

October 28-29 Folsom Tournament & Renaissance Fayre
and Saint Paul Newman Center Renaissance Festival
and London Bridge Faire at Lake Havasu, Arizona

November 4-5 No events scheduled

November 11-12 Kearney Park Renaissance Festival (in Fresno)
and Escondido Renaissance Faire & Shakespeare In The Park


November 25-26 No events scheduled

November 25-26 Dickens Faire (Opening Weekend)

December 2-3 Dickens Faire

December 9-10 Dickens Faire

December 16-17 Dickens Faire (Closing Weekend)


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