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  • (Back to Top)Auto

    Links to many car manufacturer's pages
    Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving
    Ford Home Page
    Nissan Motors Website
    Plymouth Place!
    Steve Millen: Team Stillen

    (Back to Top)Research, Business amp; Law

    BankAmerica Home Page
    California Department of Insurance
    California Government
    California Secretary of State
    Central District of California U.S.D.C.
    State of California - Contractors State License Board
    California Courts: Opinions of the Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal
    Judicial Council of California
    Los Angeles County Bar Association
    Martindale-Hubbell Legal Directory
    West's Legal Directory (WLD)
    SBA: Small Business Administration Home Page
    State Bar of California
    Pacer Service Center Home Page
    United States Patent and Trademark Office
    National Weather Service
    National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)
    California Department of Motor Vehicles
    Britannica Online
    WWWebster Dictionary
    Oxford English Dictionary Online
    ARTFL Project: Webster Search Form
    ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary Form
    AltaVista Translator: Babelfish
    Online Dictionaries and Translators
    Translator Online

    (Back to Top)Education

    Caltech home page
    California State University, Northridge
    Humboldt State University
    UCLA Home Page
    USCWeb, the University of Southern California
    Westmont Home Page

    (Back to Top)Friends

    Chris Bryant's Home Page
    My good friend Jasmine's husband
    Chris Okasaki
    My cousin's page
    Corey Evans' Home Page
    My FOURTH cousin's page!
    The HolySkeptic: Brian's Home Page
    NoShow: Noah Gorin's soft underbellyNew
    Jasmine Bryant's Home Page
    My good friend Jasmine, who abandoned me for a husband and Seattle!
    Johnnie's Home Page
    MacGregor & Berthel
    My Day Job
    Noah's Rock
    Stanley's Kick ass Web Page
    The IceLair: Home of Todd the Geek
    Tore NY
    Casbah-buddie (long story)
    R.B. Schmunk
    Skating Pal from NYC

    (Back to Top)Games

    The Duke 3D Pages
    Don's Duke Nukem 3D Pages
    EarthWeb's 3D Netris
    Incredibly cool 3D tetris game that uses Java!
    Happy Puppy Games Onramp Game Cheats Page
    Happy Puppy Games Onramp Home Page
    Microsoft Games
    The Web Virtual Library: Games and Recreation

    (Back to Top)Graphics

    Art Links - MC Escher, Dali, HR Giger, Michael Parkes
    Frank Lloyd Wright
    M.C. Escher's Virtually Gone Gallery
    Michael Parkes Official Homepage
    Michael Whelan's Official Web Site!
    Steltman Galleries
    Online Gallery
    Pre-Raphaelite Art
    Prints Plus: Michael Parkes
    Scarecrow's WWW Link - ASCII Art
    Directory of /pub/Scarecrow
    strawberryJAMM's ASCII Artwork Collection
    Ascii World: welcome
    :Wicked Ascii art:
    ASCII Dragon Art
    The Crazy Java and Gif animation Center
    Doc Ozone
    The Digit Collection
    DXF format graphics
    Free Art (buttons for home pages)
    The Free Art Site
    GIF Animation on the WWW
    Texture Land
    Jelane's Free Web Graphics
    Being Seen: Free Web Graphics
    Cherish's Best of...
    Celine's Original .GIFs
    Jim Warren Art
    The Unofficial Dancing Baby Homepage
    Ron L's Graphics Page

    (Back to Top)Hacking and Anarchy

    2600 Magazine
    The Fixer's Collection.
    The MatryX Underground
    Phone Losers of America
    The Phreaker's Domain
    The Secret Clan Of G.O.D.
    Silicon Toad: The Infinity Archives

    (Back to Top)Movies, Theatre and Stars

    MovieFone: 777-FILM Online
    Movieville | Movie Theaters | Theater ListUpdated
    The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). A database of more than 120,000 movies
    The Complete Nicole Eggert Page!
    The Definitive Natasha Henstridge Webpage
    My Heather Graham Page
    Patrick Stewart Online
    Official Claudia Christian Web Page
    Drew's Script-O-Rama
    Cirque du Soleil
    Sins O The Flesh (Rocky Horror Picture Show)New
    Nederlander Theatres of California
    The Pantages Theatre
    Tele-charge: Tickets for Broadway shows, Off Broadway shows, etc.

    (Back to Top)Music

    Alanis Morissette
    Matt Carmichael's unofficial page. Better than the Reprise page.
    Alanis Morissette (official Reprise page)
    Tori Amos Web Premiere - Official Site
    The Tori Amos Homepage (Unofficial)
    The Boingo Page
    The Cranberries
    John's Toad the Wet Sprocket WWW page
    Loreena McKennitt
    The Official Loreena McKennitt Home Page
    Sarah McLachlan Home page
    Sarah McLachlan.com
    Burn's NIN page
    absence of faith: a nine inch nails page
    Dar Williams - Welcome to DarWeb!
    Windham Hill Records
    Radio and the Scene
    KROQ's Official Home Page
    Unofficial KROQ Homepage
    The World Famous Unofficial KROQ WebSite
    Star 98.7New
    KFWB Webservice: Welcome!
    KNX 10.70 Newsradio Online
    Live Radio over the net, uses Real Audio 2.0
    LA club listing
    Lyrics and Files
    The EAR-chives!
    The Bass Tab Archive
    Guitar Picks
    Tom Lehrer Lyrics (The Jestyr's Links)
    Lyrics Door Home Page
    Lyrics server
    Demented Lyrics
    Doctor Demento
    Demented Lyrics
    Dr. Demento© Cereal
    Tom Lehrer Lyrics: Lehrer Revisited
    The Smoke-Off
    M-Files. The Music Files. The Music Archives.
    Zarak's Sound Page
    ReelMusic - MIDI Files
    Vikram's MIDI-Fest
    Cheap CD's
    1-800 MUSIC NOW
    CDnow : Main : Homepage
    The CD Exchange...Current Inventory
    The madness to my method...
    Those Cats, the internet guide to Swing in the City by the Bay
    Big Bad Home Page
    Indigo Swing
    Mammoth - Squirrel Nut Zippers
    The LPN Webpage from Hell

    (Back to Top)OnLine Services

    America Online
    SoCal Road Runner Cable Internet ServiceNew
    Westworld Internet Services

    (Back to Top)Publications

    Computer Life
    Computer Shopper
    News & Reviews of Mac Products
    PC Magazine
    PC Talk
    PC Week
    PC World
    Windows Magazine
    Windows Sources
    WordPerfect Magazine
    WUGNET® - Windows Users Group Network
    Ziff-Davis Publishing Company

    (Back to Top)Random Cool and Interesting Links

    America Outtaline
    Best of RHF: Computer, Science and Math Jokes
    DigiCrime, Inc.
    Bob Allison's Home Page
    Denounce: All The News That Never Happened...
    The Dilbert Zone
    The Dummy Cow
    You'll have to see it to believe it...and it's no joke!
    The Amazing Fish Cam!
    The Late Show with David Letterman
    Maurice's Answering Machine Jokes Listing Page
    PythOnline - Monty Python
    rec.humor Canonical List of Lists
    The Ultimate Drinking Game Page
    The Cyrano Server: Automatic Love Letters!
    MagicURL Mystery Trip
    The Mensa Home Page
    The Sharper Image Catalog
    The Whole Internet Catalog
    Squirrel Hazing -- The Untold Story
    Dave Hughes & David Jobe's Bizarre-chive
    Fry's Electronics Employment Application
    Ad Nauseam: Breakfast at Fry's
    Anonymous Remailer list
    MPEG Movie Archive
    NASA: Space Exploration
    Project Gutenberg Index
    Kinda like the yellow pages...
    The URL-minder: Your Own Personal Web Robot!
    What does your phone number spell?
    Amazon.com Books
    BIBLIOMANIA, The Network Library
    Powell's Bookstore-used, new, and out of print books
    Free Classifieds - The Recycler Classifieds
    Worlds Inc.
    Yahoo! Maps
    WinBar - The Ultimate Drink Database
    On-Line Discounted Air Fares & Flight Reservations
    Pizza Hut
    Deadspin by Gregory Michael MacGregor

    (Back to Top)Renaissance Faires, SCA and Celtic Stuff

    Kalani's Renaissance Faire Page
    The SCRIBE Network Home Page
    Kalani's Renaissance Links

    (Back to Top)Sci-Fi

    Babylon 5 Page (Official)
    The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
    Ben's StarTrek Page
    Ben's X-File Page
    Forever Knight Information
    Paramount Pictures Online Studio
    Reboot Web Site
    Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
    Star Trek (Official)
    The Official Star Wars Page
    Star Wars Home Page
    The Star Wars Archive Home Page
    Update: The Virtual Storm Information Center: VR.5
    Virtual StormCenter: VR.5
    Virtual World

    (Back to Top)Sleaze

    Sleazy Stuff - 18 and over, please!
    Liberal, open mind required for entry...

    (Back to Top)Sports

    (Back to Top)Outdoors

    Backcountry Home Page : hiking camping backpacking trekking
    Backpacker Magazine's BaseCamp
    Campmor (Camping Equipment)
    J.P.'s Fishing Page
    Merrill Boots
    Mountain Safety Research
    Outside Magazine
    Pacific Crest Trail Association
    REI Home Page
    Trails Illustrated Trailhead
    Yukon home page

    (Back to Top)Rollerblading

    BAIR Home Page
    California Outdoor Rollerskating Association (CORA)
    Get Inline - Rollerblade
    Inline Online
    International In-line Skating Association (IISA)
    K2 - SkAtes
    New York City Inline Skating Guide
    New York Road Skaters Association (NYRSA)
    Northern California Speedskating Association
    Oxygen In-Line Skates
    Skating the Infobahn
    SLED DOGS !!!
    Yahoo - Recreation:Sports:Skating:Inline Skating

    (Back to Top)Scuba

    Aquanaut Magazine
    Scuba Life
    Florida Diving
    Yahoo - Recreation:Sports:Scuba

    (Back to Top)Tech

    Microsoft Corporation
    Novell, Inc.

    (Back to Top)Computer Manufacturers

    Apple Computers
    Apple Facts Online
    Compaq Computer Corporation
    Dell Computer
    Digital Equipment Corporation
    Gateway 2000
    Micron Home Page
    Power Computing Corporation Home Page
    Quantex Microsystems Inc.
    Toshiba America

    (Back to Top)General Electronics

    Casio Homepage
    Digital Theater Systems (DTS)
    Dolby Laboratories Inc. - Home Page
    G.E.V. Primestar Page
    Home Automation Systems Catalog
    Home Controls & Systems
    Home Theater Magazine
    next.wav.ltd Builders and Renovators
    My Cousin's construction company specializing in A/V integration and home automation
    The Panasonic On-Line Home Page
    SBT Automation
    U.S. Robotics' Pilot PDA
    X-10 USA

    (Back to Top)HTML Authoring Help

    A Beginner's Guide to HTML
    AOL's WWWAdmin Home Page
    CJ Jon's Sample AOL Web Tricks Page
    Important for people hosting their Home Pages on AOL
    Common Internet File Formats
    Cool VRML Worlds
    Hagan's World of HTML: Frame Basics
    HOTDOG Web Editor
    Map THIS! Home Page
    Clickable palette maps color to Hex code and to RGB code
    Colour Picker: By name
    Examples of selected HTML commands
    HTML Course
    HTML Style Guide & Test Suite
    JavaScript Zone
    Netscape extensions to HTML
    Extensions to HTML
    Frames -An Introduction
    Webmaster Reference Library (SM)
    WWW Homepage Access Counter

    (Back to Top)Peripherals

    Advanced Gravis Computer Technology Ltd.
    Altec Lansing
    The APC Power Page
    Aztech Multimedia
    Aztech Systems Ltd
    Cardinal Technologies Home Page
    ComputAbility Consumer Electronics
    ENSONIQ - Leading the World in Sound Innovation
    Epson America
    Insight: Computers, Hardware & Software
    Iomega Corp. Home Page
    Jim's Unofficial Iomega Home Page
    MAG InnoVision Home Page
    Midwest Micro
    Motherboard Super Store
    NECX Online
    Portrait Displays, Inc.
    PRIMAX International B.V.
    Sony Online
    TC Computers
    ThrustMaster Homepage
    3COM Palm ComputingUpdated

    (Back to Top)Software

    Adam's USR Pilot Software Archive
    Autodesk Homepage
    Cadkey Corp.
    Cerious Software - ThumbsPlus
    Tres Bitchin' Graphics Viewer
    Compaq Downloadable Driver Files (SoftPaqs)
    Corel Corporation
    Corel WordPerfect
    e-Mail Notify Page
    Java Home Page
    LucasArts Entertainment Company
    LView Pro
    Bitchin' Graphics Viewer
    Netscape Home Page
    Novell Business Applications
    Papa Winsock FTP
    Pilot Software
    The PointCast Network Main Page
    QUALCOMM Home Page
    QuickTime Software
    QuickTime VR
    Sausage Software: Home of Hot Dog HTML Editor
    Smith-Micro, Home of QuickLink
    Stroud's Consummate Internet Apps ListUpdated
    Consummate Winsock Apps page - Fantastic! Review, ratings, etc.
    Stroud's Windows 95/NT Apps
    TIMESLIPS - Home Page
    The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software (TUCOWS)
    Unofficial Win95 Software Archive
    Virtus Corporation: Home Page
    Win95 3d Party Apps
    WinZip Home Page

    (Back to Top)Telecom

    AT&T Welcome Page
    Motorola ISG Web
    Pacific Bell Web HomePage
    Rockwell Homepage
    U.S. Robotics Home Page

    (Back to Top)TV (Non-SciFi)

    TV Guide OnlineNew
    UTV - What's On TV Tonight
    Friends Home Page
    Mad About You Home Page
    Seinfeld Home Page
    The School House Rock Page
    Smash's Simpson's Page
    South Park:
    Mr Hat's Hell Hole
    South Park
    Starvin Marvin Visits South Park
    Weather for San Francisco, CA
    Big Gay Al's Big Gay SouthPark Homepage
    The South Park Sound Archive
    Lauren and Will's Beefcake South Park Page
    What Kenny Says
    Dave's South Park
    Juice's SouthPark Spot!
    South Park: @$%#?!!
    A Place of South Park
    South Park Lyrics!
    South Park Episode Guide
    South Park: Did You Notice?
    Mr Hat's Hell Hole
    101 Cartman Sayings
    Comedy Central
    Discovery Channel Online
    Fox Television
    INTELLiCast: Los Angeles Weather
    The Weather Channel - Home Page
    The Weather Channel ® Home Page