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This is where I do all my geeking. Hardware junkies like myself may drool over the specs that follow. The pics above are woefully outdated, but I hope to put new ones up in the next few days, once I get the space cleaned off enough to photograph. ;-)

The above 4 systems (ObsidianCity-*not yet pictured*, MacGuyver, Server, and DickTracy) all share these input devices:

Nokia 445PRO 21" (19.6") Monitor, 1600x1200 at 85hz; and
Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro (USB); and
Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical with Wheel (USB)

by way of this:
MasterView CS-104U 4-port USB KVM Switch

MacGuyver and Obsidian City share the following second display:
Dell UltraSharp 2000FP 20.1" Flat Panel LCD Monitor (Dual inputs, DVI and VGA; MacGuyver uses DVI input, Obsidian City uses VGA input)

1. Main Workstation:


AMD Thunderbird Athlon MP 2000+ Processor, 266fsb (retail)
512 MB Corsair PC2700 DDR RAM
Antec SX1040B Full Tower Case (Black) with 550W Antec TruePower Supply
GigaByte GA-7N400 Pro Socket-A Motherboard, with nVidia nForce2 Chipset, Dual-Channel DDR 400+, 400 MHz FSB, Serial ATA, IEEE 1394, ATA133 RAID, Dual BIOS, nForce2 6-channel audio
ThermalTake Volcano 7+ CPU cooler

AGP: BestData nVidia GeForce4 Ti4200 8x AGP
PCI1: Promise Ultra 100 TX2 IDE Controller (40-bit HDD addressing to WD200gb drive)
PCI2: Open
PCI3: Creative SoundBlaster® Audigy2 Platinum Sound card, with SB1394 FireWire port and LiveDrive Bay Box
PCI4: Open
PCI5: 3com Windows 56k modem

4x on-board USB 2.0 ports
2x on-board USB 2.0 front panel ports
Soyo 3.5" BayOne front panel USB 2.0 dual ports and Multi-format Flash Memory card reader

Mitsumi 3.5" Floppy Drive (Black)
Seagate 80 GB ATAPI 7200 rpm Hard Drive (IDE-RAID1)
Seagate 80 GB ATAPI 7200 rpm Hard Drive (IDE-RAID2)
Western Digital WD2000JBRTL 200 GB Hard Drive, 7200 rpm, 8MB Buffer (Promise IDE1)

20gb NTFS system partition on 160gb striped driveset (C:)
129gb NTFS data partition on 160gb striped driveset (D:)
186gb NTFS data partition on WD200 Hard Drive (E)
335gb (formatted) total system hard drive capacity

TDK Indio 4x DVD+RW Drive (Black) (IDE1)
Lite-On 32x12x40 CDRW (Black) (IDE2)
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum Internal Drive Front Panel Connectivity Drive (with black face plate)

Creative Labs / Cambridge SoundWorks Desktop Theater 5.1 DTT2200 Speaker system

Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 1100 Laser Printer Epson Stylus Photo 820 Color Inkjet Printer

Canon CanoScan N1220U USB Scanner

APC Back-UPS Pro 700 (USB)

Windows XP Professional Operating System

2. Secondary Workstation


AMD Thunderbird Athlon XP 2200+ Processor
1,024 MB (1 GB) PC2100 266mhz ECC Registered DDR SDRAM, CL2.5 (1x Infineon 512MB, 1x Crucial 512MB)
DFI LanParty NFII Ultra 400/MCP-T, with Dual LAN, SATA, FireWire, USB 2.0, 6ch Audio, RAID 1.5, 400mhz fsb
Antec SX1030B Full Tower Case (Black) with 400W Antec TruePower Supply
ThermalTake Volcano 7+ CPU cooler

AGP) MSI GeForce4 Ti 4400 128MB DDR (MS-8871)
PCI33-1) Open
PCI33-2) Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! Platinum 5.1
PCI33-3) Adaptec AHA-2940AU Ultra-SCSI PCI adapter
PCI33-4) Open
PCI33-5) Open

Realtek 10/100 LAN (Integrated)
nVidia nForce MCP 10/100 LAN (Integrated)

(sound output daisy-chains through MacGuyver's card and speakers)

Mitsumi 3.5" Floppy Drive
Western Digital 40 GB EIDE 7200 rpm Hard Drive (IDE1)
Open (IDE2)
Iomega Zip100 Removable Drive (IDE3)
Pioneer DVD-106S 16X DVD/40X DVD-ROM Slot Load (IDE4)
Western Digital 40 GB EIDE 7200 rpm Hard Drive (RAID-IDE1)
Western Digital 40 GB EIDE 7200 rpm Hard Drive (RAID-IDE2)
Yamaha LightSpeed CRW2100S 16x10x40x SCSI CD/RW Drive (SCSI)

FrontX Front Panel USB 2.0, Audio, and Firewire ports
Intel CS430 PC Camera Pro USB WebCam

IDE and Floppy cables rounded for airflow efficiency, all UV-reactive
UV-reactive motherboard components (DFI LanParty mobo)
12" Cold Cathode UV light
4" Cold Cathode UV light
2x Antec Blue LED Case Fans
2x CyberCooler UV-reactive Case Fans
ZX Mods Zantec3 Window Kit
CuttingEdgeCaseMods UV-Reactive PSU Mod

Microsoft SideWinder Pro 3D digital joystick
Microsoft Sidewinder Game Pad
Advanced Gravis USB GamePad Pro

Windows XP Professional Operating System

3. Server


Intel Pentium III Processor, 1.0 GHz (retail)
512 MB PC133 SDRAM (Max motherboard can handle) Intel CA810EAL Motherboard
Generic case with 300W Antec SmartPower Supply

On-Board Intel 82810E AGP Video Controller
Intergrated Intel 10/100 Ethernet port
Integrated Creative Labs PCI Audio
Altec-Lansing ACS-90 Speakers
NetGear FA311 10/100 Fast Ethernet Card (disabled and unused)

Western Digital 40GB Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
Creative Labs 32x CD-ROM Drive
Mitsumi 3.5" Floppy Drive

APC Back-UPS Pro 500 (USB)

Windows 2000 Server Operating System

4. Linux Testbed computer / Data Storage Box


Intel Celeron Processor, 766 MHz (retail)
768 MB PC 133 RAM
Shuttle AV18E SpaceWalker Motherboard
Antec SX1030 Full Tower Case (beige) with 300W Antec SmartPower Supply

Mitsumi 3.5" Floppy Drive
Western Digital 40 GB Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
52x CD-ROM drive (generic) (~~~~~~~~~~~~~from lrsurfer~~~~~~~~~~~)

PNY nVidia Riva TNT2 PCI Video card, with 32 MB
SMC 10/100 Fast Ethernet Card
Integrated Avance AC'97 Sound (Via chipset)
(sound output daisy-chains through MacGuyver's card and speakers)

Red Hat Linux 8.0 Operating System

5. Living Room Surfing Box


AMD Duron 1.8 GHz Processor
1.0 GB of RAM (2x 512 MB DIMMs)
ECS K7VTA3 v.8.0 Motherboard with Via KT333CF Chipset, 4x USB 2.0
ThermalTake Silent Boost Copper CPU cooler

Antec Sonata Piano Black Quiet Mid-Tower Case with Antec TruePower 380 Watt Power Supply

Highpoint HPT370 Integrated IDE-RAID controller (on motherboard)
AC97 Windows Audio (on motherboard; disabled)

AGP) PNY Verto GeForceFX 5200 AGP Dual VGA Video card with 128 MB DDR RAM, SVideo Out
PCI1) Creative SoundBlaster® Audigy Gamer Sound card, with SB1394 FireWire port
PCI2) Kingston EtheRX KNE110TX PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter

Western Digital 18 GB EIDE 7200 rpm Hard Drive (IDE1)
Maxtor 60 GB 5,400 rpm HDD (Data Storage Drive) (IDE2)

Lite-On 16X DVD-ROM Drive (Black) (IDE3)
AOpen 24x10x40 CD-RW (Black) (IDE4)
Iomega Zip100 Internal (Black)

Mitsumi 3.5" Floppy Drive (Black)

MS Natural Keyboard Pro
Intec Wireless Optical Mouse

Linksys 2-port KVM switch
NetGear FS105 5 port switch

Boston Acoustics BA745 3-piece Satellite/Subwoofer Speaker System

Winbook C1700 17" LCD Monitor (1280x1024)

6. Laptop #1


Fujitsu Lifebook C2220 Notebook Computer (Model FPCM31011)
Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor-M 2.40GHz; 512 KB on-die L2 cache; 400 MHz system bus speed
512 MB memory (256onboard+256mb SODIMM (PC2100, DDR266)), upgradable to 768 MB total memory

15" SXGA+ TFT display, 1400 x 1050 resolution

Built-in 3.5" Floppy drive
Built-in DVD/CD-RW combo drive (16x DVD/10x CD-RW/24x CD-ROM)
40GB ultra-DMA 100, Enhanced IDE, shock mounted hard drive
Integrated Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO and Secure Digital (SD) card slot
Built-in wireless LAN (802.11b/54g™) with On/Off slider switch

ATI® RADEON™ IGP 340M graphics, 4x AGP support with user selectable video memory up to 128 MB (32 MB default)
Integrated 10/100 base-TX Ethernet
Integrated multinational 56K V.90 modem
S-Video TV-Output (NTSC/SVHS)
SigmaTel® STAC9767 with wavetable, 3D effect, and 3D positioning; headphone, optical digital (SPDIF), audio-out and microphone line-in jacks; 2 internal stereo speakers

4x USB 2.0
IEEE 1394 (Firewire) (4 pin)
Optical Digital out (SPDIF)
Infrared (IrDA-compatible)
enhanced parallel
serial port
external monitor (up to 1200x1600 UXGA)

Integrated touchpad with intelligent scroll button
87-key full-size keyboard with 19 mm key pitch and 3mm key stroke
PC Card slots support two Type II or one Type III PC Cards; 32-bit PC CardBus architecture
Four programmable one touch application launch buttons/CD-Player controls;
also functions as a CD player with stop, play, forward, and reverse buttons

Lithium ion battery, 14.4V, 3600 mAh, 48.6 watt hour; up to 2.5 hrs using main battery
Weight: 8.3 lbs

Windows XP Professional Operating System

7. Laptop #2


AST Ascentia 950N P54C/75 CSS10.4
Intel Pentium 90 MHz. W/ 256K cache
24Mb RAM (8Mb standard + 16Mb extra)

10.4" 800x600 SVGA DS-STN Screen

3.5" floppy drive
800MB Hard Disk

Cirrus Logic GD7543 Graphics Chipset, 32 bit local bus (1Mb)
On-board Sound Blaster Vibra 16

LinkSys EtherFast 10/100 PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter

Integrated "Eraser" style trackpoint with two buttons
Two type II or one type III PCMCIA slots

NiMH Battery

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